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Conferenza della Demeter International su TTIP 15-16 June 2015

ARC 2020 EESC Demeter EPHA

Demeter International organizza un importante incontro che si svolgerà il 15-16  giugno 2015 a Bruxelles. Tema dell’incontro sarà il Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Questa conferenza, co-organizzata da Demeter International e EPHA, fornirà una piattaforma di discussione per i negoziatori, i politici e le parti interessate a uno scambio di opinioni sulle preoccupazioni della società civile sulle possibili implicazioni del TTIP su cibo, agricoltura sostenibile, salute pubblica, istruzione e democrazia.

Scarica qui il Programma



TTIP – Increased Trade for Better Living?

European Policy Conference bringing together Civil

Society organisations, negotiators and decision makers


Date: 15-16 June 2015

Place: Brussels


  • Plenary sessions: European Economic and Social Committee
  • Workshops: Residence Palace – International Press Centre

Conference languages: EN, DE, FR

 Draft Agenda

 Monday 15/06/2015

 European Economic and Social Committee, Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040 Bruxelles

 13:30  Registration

 14:00  Opening and Welcoming

EESC, ARC 2020, Demeter International and EPHA

14:20  Plenary panel 1: TTIP negotiations and civil society concerns

James J. Higgiston, US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Services

Juergen Maier, Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung , Germany

Michaela Gloeckler, ELIANT, Switzerland

          Moderator: Gerald Haefner, Publicist and Founder of Democracy International

15:20  Plenary panel 2: TTIP impact on sustainable food and farming  

Cabinet Member of Commissioner Phil Hogan (tbc)

Karen Hansen-Kuhn, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dorota Metera, Poland, IFOAM-EU Group

          Moderator: Bart Staes, European Parliament (tbc)

16:20 Coffee Break

16:40  Plenary panel 3: TTIP impact on health and services

Ivone Kaizeler, European Commission, DG Trade

Penny Clarke, European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) (tbc)

Kate Ling, Senior European Policy Manager – NHS European Office (tbc)

Moderation: Zoltan Massay-Kosubek, EPHA

17:30         Presenting the 4 workshops for the next day’s morning session.

18:00         End of the Plenary session

18:30             Network reception at IARS (rue du Trône 194, 1050 Brussels)

Tuesday 16/06/2015

Residence Palace – International Press Centre, Rue de la Loi 155, 1040 Bruxelles

09:00                  Registration

09:30-12:15       Workshops 1-4

Workshop 1: ‘TTIP and its effect on sustainable food and farming systems”

Workshop leaders: ARC2020 (tbc)

During the workshop the impact of TTIP on SMEs US+EU farmers and food processors will be discussed from the perspective of competition with big enterprises.

Topics for discussion: High EU production cost and the competitiveness of the high-priced EU products; TTIP and pesticide use: permissible active substances and limit values; TTIP, GMO labelling and biodiversity; TTIP and products of geographical indications; TTIP and food legislation

Workshop 2: ‘’ TTIP and its effects on Organic Agriculture, Seeds and animal welfare’’

Workshop leaders: Dorora Metera (IFOAM – EU Group)

Topics for discussion: TTIP and organic/sustainable farming; TTIP – seed markets and seed legislation; TTIP and animal welfare.

Workshop 3: “TTIP and its effects on health and services”

Workshop leaders: Gabriel Siles-Brügge, Lecturer in Politics, University of Manchester (tbc), Zoltán Massay-Kosubek (EPHA)

The workshop will build on the current status of trade policy and will examine its impact on public health, focusing on key elements of TTIP relevant for health systems and public health.

Health system specific topics: TTIP and pharmaceuticals: EMA-FDA technical cooperation; access to medicines; patents, generic medicinal products and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), TTIP and medical devices: market authorization, standards and legislation; TTIP and health services (public and private healthcare, healthcare professionals,); TTIP and clinical trials: trade secrets, public health research

Horizontal Topics relevant for public health: TTIP – democracy and political decision making: ISDS, regulatory cooperation; TTIP and transparency issues; TTIP, red tape, red lines and ‘technical barriers to trade (TBT)’,

Workshop 4: “Developing structures of societal sound and fair Free Trade Agreements”

Workshop leader: Prof. Dr. Ferdi de Ville, Centre for EU Studies, University of Ghent

Topics for discussion: TTIP – education and cultural diversity; How should a societal sound and fair Free Trade Agreement be constructed? Up to which point is regulatory harmonisation useful? Is mutual recognition the only way to promote economic growth nowadays? What might be the solutions if standards cannot be mutually recognized? Participants of this workshop will try to develop visions for an appropriate Free Trade Agreement. TTIP and civil society: do decision makers really understand the opposition coming from citizens on both sides of the Atlantic?

12:15-13:15 Lunch (Venue: Residence Palace)

European Economic and Social Committee, Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040 Bruxelles

 13:30         Plenary: Presentation of working group results with conclusions

14:30 Final discussion and conclusions

15:30 Closing the conference: EESC, ARC 2020 and Demeter International

16:00         End of conference

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